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T$R has publish a CD-ROM version of the AD&D Core Rules, complete with Character Generator, Map Editor, Encounter Designer, and other usefull(?) stuff. You can download a Char-Generator Demo, a Dice Roller Demo (whoever wanted that one?) and some updates from Evermore.

The files are all gzipped PostScript (on a PC best viewed and printed with GhostView) and partially in German.
This is a short list of some AD&D Tables I use during sessions...

...and when creating new Characters. All the NWPs were updated on 21-Nov-1996 to include the Proficiences from "Sages & Specialists".

I use a slighly diffrent Ability System than standard AD&D, which consists of three abilities in three groups (yep, it's close to Vampire):

It's more logical to make a Perception roll for noticing something than Wisdom or Intelligence. I don't like the optional system from Skills & Powers, because it overestimates the physical abilities. For those who don't like it, I included all the old ability checks in the tables.
Another thing I don't like are these Character Points. I stuck with the NWP-slots, giving free slots for Disadvantages which may be used on Traits or normal NWPs. Traits may only be purchased from slots due to Intelligence or Disadvantages. Here, I included the old system, too, so you don't need to use mine if you use my tables.
Some new Ability relevant values on the new Character sheet need some explanation: The Ability Adjustments for Perception and Manipulation are now published in my Ability Tables.

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